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The password is…

Kia Ora,

Today Friday 20th if July we played a little bit of booklet. Blooket is like kahoot but better, we could pick different game modes. My buddy was Moe because I was lazy to get my chromebook and we came first. Then we played  password is, Password is a game where you describe the word to the person whos sitting down and they will try to guess the password.

Matariki poetry

Kia Ora


For the past few days we were learning about Matariki. One of our tasks is to write poems about different stars. We had to pick three senses and stars  that are related to Matariki. My three stars are Ururangi, Waipuna a rangi and last but not least Waita. It took me three days to complete. It was a little confusing remembering what star represents which. Also my three senses are felt, heard and my favourite taste. 

Rugby League

For Kelly sports we did some activities on tackling and passing. Our coaches were Dion and Trey. One of the warm ups were ball rush that was so hard because we had to do it on our knees. My knees were numb, sore. I was crying inside because of the pain. To be honest I didn’t participate in some activities since it involved tackling and it’ll be embarrassing just lying there. Also this morning we went to room 11 for paepae. Whakatauki for today is tama tu tama ora, tama noho tama mate which means in English. He who stands, lives He who sits, perishes Which means he who stands lives, he who sits, perishes.


This is my writing about the new beginning. Its about a mother who moved to a odd town in the middle of nowhere with her two children