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Monday must do

For one of the reading tasks we had to do word work with our spelling words my groups spelling words had six. we had to go on the slides to see what things to do and we had to pick two activities. I did my  word pyramid and word search, The word pyramid task we had to put the letters in a pyramid.


Inference slide

For one of my reading tasks we had to read this and answer some questions about this story. This story is about some people looking for healthy trees to prove that our ancestors moved back and fourth, Reading this book was lovely.


What I learnt about inferences

For one of the reading tasks we had to watch a video about inferences, inferences are something you sum out by putting information/Knowledge alongside and making predictions also we make inferences all the time when we don’t know. For example Jane had a upside down smile on his face and was dragging his feet as he was roaming. So when we have to inference  we  have to use the evidence in a text/ paragraph.

Vocab pyramids

For today for reading we had to do the Monday must do, their are two tasks to do and one of them involved the word pyramids. For the word pyramids we had to put the name first, the definition, we had to make a sentence with that word and lastly we had to put the synonymy down bottom.