Tag: Cybersmart

Cybersmart Vocab

For this cybersmart task its all around reviewing  our learning about the cybersmart details and vocab. In this slides their was a word search. The words were like smart media, smart money, being cybersmart and etc the word search was a fun activity to do. On the other side  we had to match the description of the words on the side.

Kawa of care

For this task we had to complete this by the end of today. This is Kawa of care it had rules for your Chromebook like no food or drinks next to it, Go on educational sites, Don’t leave it on the floor and of course to keeping it clean. Make sure to look after your Chromebooks


Blog replies tasks

For this cybersmart task we had to read the blog post also read the  Comment and replies also we had to label the parts of the respond . On the last slide we had to make our own comeback as Alex. The three things we had to put in to our draft reply is to thank the reader, respond and to question the reader.