Tag: Writing

Culture notes

This weeks writing task was to write a explanation writing about Why are culture and identity important, I wrote some notes so I can look at it while in writing and so I have many ideas. I highlighted the important key words/ Ideas so I can write it in my explanation writing.

Figurative Language

This week we were learning about figurative language their were some tasks so I put all of the figurative language activities together in one slide, I decorated it because it was a little bit plain. These tasks were fun and a bit challenging to complete but I put all my hard work/effort towards the google docs.

Simile Activities

For this writing task we had  activities about similes their were two activities to do . On activity one their was six things to  make similes while  describing  our appearance, personality and our character. For our other activity we had to explain what of the following similes mean, their was a lot of thinking in this task but I did it.