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Metaphor Activites

For writing we had to do some activities about metaphors. For task one we had to write a metaphor for each words and for the second activate we had to figure out metaphor riddles. I was with talking with Khin lin and Angellynah to figure out the riddles, the riddles were challenging  but overall this task was fun.

Vocab pyramids

For today for reading we had to do the Monday must do, their are two tasks to do and one of them involved the word pyramids. For the word pyramids we had to put the name first, the definition, we had to make a sentence with that word and lastly we had to put the synonymy down bottom.

Blog replies tasks

For this cybersmart task we had to read the blog post also read the  Comment and replies also we had to label the parts of the respond . On the last slide we had to make our own comeback as Alex. The three things we had to put in to our draft reply is to thank the reader, respond and to question the reader.

Word pyramids

For reading on Monday we had to do  word pyramids for our vocabulary. For our reading pyramids we had to the definition, synonyms and write the word in a sentence. My group had to do all 10 words.