Year: 2022

Kiwi sport

This was kiwi sport for Thursday the sport was volley ball. It was so cool because we were racing each other we had to bounce the ball with our palms that was the challenging part. We played a few rounds of a game we were split up into teams. The instructions were  to hit the ball with your palms and the other team will have to catch the ball.

Fun run

Fun run was exciting for me and a bit nervous to run. We were running from mission bay to st heliers it was so challenging running I got so tiered after I ran. My friends and I were in a same group it was so beautiful watching the view of the sea while running and a bit chatting on the way there.


This is my tessellation art I watched a video to understand how to do it I first draw  a shape any shape corner to corner then I cut  the paper and to see if it was the same length if it matches we taped  it and traced it out on our paper. it was kinda difficult because I had to see if it can fit like a puzzle piece. These are the words the video told me  Translation, reflection and rotation.