Year: 2022

Trip to Rotoroa Island

On the first day back to school Team Tui  plus the year sixes  went on a trip to Rotoroa Island. We went their to learn about the Island . We went through  the bushes to look at the ponds then we went to see the traps. Our teachers put us in to 3 groups. My favourite part of the trip is the ferry ride and getting pebbles from the beach.

Making roses

For lcs we made roses for Tongan language week we had to make 150 roses!!. Our teacher taught us how to make it. It was hard to make the middle but the folding part was easy. After my two buddies and i made 90 roses we made a necklace. We hot glued the roses on the tapa.


Yesterday we went to motat. It was a bad day because the weather was not good.  The motat was fun because you can see old stuff. My favourite part about the trip was the tram ride.

Orange and water experiment

Title: Orange & water experiment 

Purpose: This purpose is about to see if the orange floats or sinks 

Hypothesis/ prediction

 I think the orange and the lemon will float because of the weight and the size.

Equipment and materials




And a buddy 


First get a bucket and fill it with water 

Second put the bucket on the table 

Next get a orange and then put it in the bucket

Then you see if it floats or not 

Filthy peel the orange and put it back in the bucket and observe it.


We put the fruit in the bucket and the kiwi fruit fell down the bottom of the bucket. We peeled off the skin of the fruit. It was messy.