Culture notes

This weeks writing task was to write a explanation writing about Why are culture and identity important, I wrote some notes so I can look at it while in writing and so I have many ideas. I highlighted the important key words/ Ideas so I can write it in my explanation writing.


For our maths this week was learning about temperatures, Our tasks was to pick 10 cities from different countries and to add the latitude, longitude and also add the winter plus the summer temperature. This was the most fun activity from maths.


Today Friday the 15th we did a fun friyay task for today since today was the last day of the week we had multiple tasks like poly line, maths,  a reflection slide and we had to solve different riddles through out the tasks. I hope you enjoy my FUN FRIYAY TASKS!! have a good day or night.


For maths we learnt about five different types of angles and degrees. The angles we learnt about are reflex, straight etc   our WALT for today is understanding different types of angles. After we learnt about our teacher session we had to make the poster with the name and how many degrees.

Life Ed

For our first session with Harold the giraffe  and Grace we talked about a healthy  and a not healthy relationship with  friends, we had to read some tasks and put it on the green side or red side. Our other session we talked about the most important thing online safety and the things that we do and others, Grace talked about what online can do.