My lCS presentation

For the past few weeks we had to do a presentation about our region. We were put into a group and had three people max but some groups had four. In my group I had David and Lolohea, as you see our region is about the West Coast. We learnt some facts and history.

Fun run

Today we had fun run at Mission bay to Saint Heliers. It was cloudy then it rained by the time we ran it was raining hard out, then you came sunny when we came back to school. The best part about the fun run is the food, we had burgers with lettuce, tomato, cheese and meat patties



Trip to Rotoroa Island

On the first day back to school Team Tui  plus the year sixes  went on a trip to Rotoroa Island. We went their to learn about the Island . We went through  the bushes to look at the ponds then we went to see the traps. Our teachers put us in to 3 groups. My favourite part of the trip is the ferry ride and getting pebbles from the beach.