Kawa of care

For this task we had to complete this by the end of today. This is Kawa of care it had rules for your Chromebook like no food or drinks next to it, Go on educational sites, Don’t leave it on the floor and of course to keeping it clean. Make sure to look after your Chromebooks



For my group and I maths session we were learning how to add and subtract fractions with related denominators. For our first step we had to find the least common denominators, after finding the LCD we had to transform one of our fraction so that both denominators are the same. Once we have done this step you can add or subtract.

Island breeze

In the morning we had a special assembly with a island group that is  based in Hawaii, their were people from other parts of the world. Also their were amazing performances  they did a sasa, skits,  dances, my favourite part of the show is when we had a vote, when  the teachers had to go up and dance it was funny. They also said a few words about how it dosent matter what culture you are.


Number system

This morning for our number talk Mr Raj was teaching us about the number system,  he was talking about whole numbers, Rational numbers, integers, Natural numbers  and rational numbers also he gave some examples plus a venn diagram of it, It means  a system that means a number of a exact type.

Hit the button

For one of our maths tasks we were able to have a choice of  prototec  and hit the button. So I did hit the button for hit the button I chose to do my times tables because I want to be able to be quick and not use my fingers. Hit the button helps you with your numbers like timetables, halves, division, etc.

Monday must do

For one of the reading tasks we had to do word work with our spelling words my groups spelling words had six. we had to go on the slides to see what things to do and we had to pick two activities. I did my  word pyramid and word search, The word pyramid task we had to put the letters in a pyramid.


Team Tui probability

Today for maths we learnt about probability through games we were in the hall because we had to do some activities like Blocko, playing cards,flip the bottle,greedy pig was the first round of the  games we had to be in three big groups. First thing we did was Blocko, Blocko is a game where you get a paper with the number two to the number twelve then someone has to roll the dice to say the number if that block is placed with the number then you get the block if their are two blocks in one column just take one block. Then we had papers for our data also we had only ten tries to do these, My first activity was bottle flip it was very hard to do I only had two success. My second activity was greedy pig this game is when you have to roll the dice and try to get up to fifty but if you get one you restart all of your points. Our last game was the playing cards this game was fun because you have to flip the card to get the red one. Also we had two other games that included lollies.