Year: 2023

Team tui expo

Today Friday 8th December we had a year eight  assembly and a exhibition  to showcase our LCS slides plus what we created. It got really hot when it was morning tea so I went to buy a sausage, ice block and a water.

Cybersmart Vocab

For this cybersmart task its all around reviewing  our learning about the cybersmart details and vocab. In this slides their was a word search. The words were like smart media, smart money, being cybersmart and etc the word search was a fun activity to do. On the other side  we had to match the description of the words on the side.

Rainbows end

Tuesday 21st of November a group of us had an opportunity to go on a trip to Rainbows end. As we arrived to Rainbows end  we had go into three lines so the workers can inspect inside our bags and getting our bands, after we got our bands we headed inside to also wait until 10:00 am their were other schools their as well. Our first ride was the stratos fear the ride was very scary when it was upside down, Our second ride was the gold rush it was one of my favourite rides to go on so that’s why we went on it a lot of times through out the day, The third ride was the Log flume it was my favourite so far Angellynah and I went on it like a thousand of times. The last ride we went on is the Invader, After all of these rides we went to take photos and head to school.